Hannah Turner

Hannah Turner






(M) Law – Northumbria University 2019

BPTC – Northumbria University 2017 - 2019

Called to the Bar 2019


Linda Sykes memorial award – awarded to the highest scoring student on M(Law) BPTC Course


Hannah Joined Crown Chambers in January 2022 after completing a mixed pupillage under the supervision of David Godfrey the previous year.

Hannah has a growing Crown Court defence practice and has successfully defended in a number of complex cases those including; violence, domestic assaults, sexual offences and a number of multi-handed conspiracy to supply drugs cases.

Hannah also has significant experience in cases that involve clients who have significant mental health difficulties and/or lack capacity. In particular, those that have been deemed “unfit to stand trial”.

Hannah has extensive knowledge and experience prosecuting in the Magistrates Court and is often instructed to prosecute complex cases that remain in the lower courts.

Hannah is passionate on the law around sexual offences and wrote her dissertation on consent within the Sexual Offences Act, and the effects of alcohol upon complainants and their ability to give consent.

Hannah has also developed a significant practice in private prosecutions, particularly in relation to the Environmental Protection Act. She has prosecuted both individual landlords and Local Authority’s following complaints made by tenants of statutory nuisances at their property.

Before joining Crown Chambers to complete her pupillage, she gained work experience as a Paralegal, carrying out a wide variety of work, predominantly focused on criminal appeals and parole hearings.


R v E [2022] – Hannah successfully defended E who was charged with ABH. It was alleged that he had strangled his wife until she became unconscious and prevented her from leaving their house to get help. After a 3-day trial in Hull Crown Court, which involved the use of two interpreters and a number of special measures, the Defendant was found ‘not guilty’.

R v H [2022] – Hannah defended H who was charged with child cruelty. After a s28 hearing, in which Hannah was required to cross examine the 6-year-old complainant, Hannah was able to persuade the CPS to accept a plea to a lesser offence of common assault. H was sentenced at Grimsby Crown Court, and received a community order.

R v B [2022]  – Hannah Defended B who was charged with s20 GBH. He ran self-defence at trial and after a 3 day trial at Grimsby Crown Court, the Defendant was acquitted.

R v A [2023] – Hannah defended in a three-day trial in Leeds Crown Court, where A was charged with Money Laundering offences. Despite what at first glance appeared to be compelling evidence of A’s guilt, Hannah was able to highlight the flaws within the investigation and the Crown’s case. Ultimately securing an acquittal for her client.

R v C [2023] – Hannah defended a young woman who was being prosecuted for Arson (Reckless as to whether life would be endangered) following a fire at her flat. The woman suffered with significant mental health difficulties including paranoid schizophrenia. The prosecution alleged that she had set fire to her flat, an assertion that was confirmed by confessions made by the Defendant upon the fire brigade attending at her property. Hannah was able to successfully apply to have the confessional evidence excluded and ultimately the prosecution offered no evidence against her client.