• Criminal Law
  • Regulatory Law
  • Civil Law
  • Family Law


  • University of York (2016-2019) – LLB (Hons), 2:1, 67%.
  • University of Law (2020-2021) – LLM, Distinction.
  • University of Law (2020-2021) – BPC, Very Competent.


  • CPS Grade 1 Prosecutor


  • Middle Temple


Marc is a well-liked practitioner on the north-eastern circuit. He commenced his pupillage within Chambers in 2021, completing a mixed pupillage made up of a hybrid of family and criminal law. He enjoyed time with Gaynor Hall in family matters and David Godfrey in crime. He became a tenant at Crown Chambers in October 2022. Since completing his pupillage Marc has begun a varied criminal and civil practice. Recently, Marc has enjoyed a practice primarily in the Crown Court but does still appear for both the prosecution and defence in Magistrates Court matters. He appears on behalf of the CPS as a Grade 1 prosecutor.

Criminal Law

Magistrates Court

Marc is very adept in summary-only driving matters. He is often requested by instructing solicitors for first hearings, trials and appeals to the Crown Court. He is a popular choice for exceptional hardship applications. Marc has an exceptional knowledge of the case law and the quirks in burden and standard of proof in driving matters.

Marc regularly appears in the Magistrates Court on behalf of the CPS. He is often requested by reviewing lawyers for difficult briefs and complex cases, often months in advance. He recently prosecuted a multiple day newton hearing involving multiple defendants who had entered guilty pleas to an offence of Affray in a busy train station.

Marc has a strong Magistrates Court defence practice as well. He has secured acquittals on serious matters, such as intentional strangulation, ABH and affray. Marc has a manner with vulnerable witnesses, beyond his year of call, which makes him a popular choice in matters involving young children. He has cross-examined very young children in the magistrates court in cases which have resulted in acquittals.

Youth Court

Marc regularly appears in the Youth Court. He is popular with both defence solicitors and the CPS. Marc has built upon his academical background, with modules in Youth Justice and the Criminology of Youth, always being at the forefront of his mind. He often appears for the CPS to prosecution youth court trials list all over Yorkshire and Humberside. Marc has had very successful results including the resolution of a case involving allegations of rape (charged as coercive controlling behaviour) involving a 14-year-old Complainant and 16-year-old Defendant. Marc has secured conditional discharges for youths accused of assault by beating as well as a financial penalty for an offence of robbery.

Crown Court

Marc appears on behalf of the prosecution within his role as a grade 1 prosecutor. This includes but is not limited to; bail applications, committals for sentence, appeals against sentence, and appeals against conviction. Marc has recently retained a Grade 2 brief after covering a PTPH. This resolved by agreement before reaching trial. Marc, more regularly, defends in the Crown Court. He has managed cases from PTPH through to trial. He is regularly instructed to defend in committals for sentence and is well trusted by instructing solicitors to achieve good results. Marc has a knack for securing suspended sentences when the offence is on the cusp of immediate custody.  Marc is currently instructed to defend in cases including counts of rape and serious violence. He appears in Crown Courts all over the region, including Lincoln, Leeds, Bradford and Hull. Marc has considerable experience with section 28 procedures given his year of call. He has a good manner with vulnerable witnesses and has appeared for both the prosecution and the defence for pre-recorded cross-examination. He has cross-examined young complainants with successful results.

Example Cases

R v L 2023

Marc successfully defended an 18-year-old male with no previous convictions who spent 6 months on remand. He faced an 11-count indictment, including coercive controlling behaviour, arson with intent to endanger life and multiple intentional strangulations. Mr L was acquitted of all 10 matters contested at trial and received a conditional discharge for a period of 9 months for the count he entered a guilty plea too. This case involved cross-examination of three prosecution witnesses, all under 18 years of age. One complainant chose to give evidence via the s28 pre-recorded cross-examination procedure. Marc navigated this successfully and appropriately. The trial lasted 6 days.

R v F 2023

Marc defended an individual accused of making indecent images. The Judge commented that “every aggravating feature was present” and after hearing submissions from Marc imposed a 2-year sentence suspended for a period of 2 years. Marc had represented the individual from PTPH after they had issues with their previous legal team. Mr F agreed to enter guilty pleas after multiple conferences leading to a great result.

R v M 2023

Defending an individual accused of fraud against previous employers. The case involved a clear abuse of trust and other aggravating factors. After submissions, Mr M received a suspended sentence for a period of 2 years.

R v M 2023

Defending a male accused of PWITS of cannabis. Marc successfully argued the sentence could be suspended despite the quantity being over 4KG and the prosecution attaching a street value of £40,000 and wholesale value of £16,000. Mr M received a 16-month custodial sentence suspended for 2 years.

R v C 2023

Marc has recently been instructed to defend an individual accused of two counts of rape. This is a case involving the s28 procedure which is due to take place late this year (2023). The trial is listed late 2024 in Leeds Crown Court.

R v OK & Others 2023

Defending first on the indictment in a multi-handed affray and s20 GBH. The trial is listed late into 2024 in Lincoln Crown Court.

R v D 2023

Marc is currently instructed in the matter of an appeal against conviction. He prosecutes this matter. Two young children, aged 13 and 8 years old, were subject to section 28 procedures which have already taken place. The appeal is listed for a full day in Summer 2023.

R v F 2022 (Youth Court)

Successful prosecution of a 16-year-old male who was found to have coercively controlled his 14 year old partner over the course of a few months. Elements of violence and lots of sensitive sexual content which had to be navigated properly. Resolved on the second trial listing through a guilty plea.

R v Multiple Defendants (Magistrates Court)

Successful prosecution of three individuals involved in violence at a busy train station. A multiple-day newton hearing heard by a District Judge. Resolved via agreement during the hearing. This was a BTP prosecution and familiarised Marc with the different tools utilised by police forces outside of Yorkshire and Humberside (niche v egress).

Civil Law

Marc has a growing civil law practice. He is well liked by those who instruct him and prides himself in always being available on his mobile phone – something that often is very useful in high intensity civil proceedings. Marc has secured successful results and orders for costs against counsel well beyond his years of call. Marc’s practice is very much growing but he is building upon his experience with a direct-access barrister prior to taking pupillage whom he shadowed for over a year. This involved a lot of civil work, including cases with an international element. In his role previously, Marc assisted with a Caribbean diplomat who was wrongfully accused of rape. The case involved elements of diplomatic immunity, defamation and police disclosure.

Example Cases

H v E 2023

Marc successfully defended an application brought for outstanding commercial rents to the sum of £25,000+ in a full day hearing in Hull County Court. In doing so, Marc secured costs to the sum of around £6000. The other sides’ costs, totalling £25,000+, were to be paid for by the Claimant. The claim would have had the effect of placing the Defendant into liquidation and as such the result was well received.

A v A 2023

Marc successfully defended an application for summary judgment. Costs were awarded in the case.

T v T 2022

Successfully defended an application to set-aside and costs awarded in full in a half-day hearing at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

Family Law

Marc takes instructions in matters of private family law. He undertook pupillage with Gaynor Hall a well-respected family barrister on the north-eastern circuit. He is instructed often to represent parents in private family matters surrounding children’s contact.

Example Cases

S v H 2023

A two-day fact find in Grimsby Family Court. Marc represented the Defendant who had some allegations proved against him but others not found. The case involved allegations and counter-allegations and elements of domestic violence, parental alienation and historic sexual abuse and historic child abuse.

T v S 2023

A full-day final hearing with the contested issue being contact. Resolved via compromise at lunchtime. Both parents enjoying contact.